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The Bay of Islands Route

Flight Time : 45 Minutes Approx

Cost of Tour: $170 per person  
(minimum of two people)

This 45 minute flight takes in the amazing Bay of Islands, with its array of islands and stunning views.

The flight takes you to Cape Brett, and returns over the Black Rocks and Kerikeri Inlet. On occasion, pods of dolphin can be seen from 1000 feet high.
The Hokianga Route

Flight Time : 1 Hour Approx

Cost of Tour: $190 per person
(minimum of two people)

The Hokianga is situated on the West Coast and has a beauty of its own.

This flight will take you over its rolling sand dunes and will give you stunning ocean views, before tracking north and returning via the Whangape Harbour and Gorge.
The Great Barrier Island Route

Flight Time : 1 Hour Approx. Day Trip

Cost of Tour: $360 per person
(minimum of two people)

This 5 hour round trip takes you past the Hen and Chicken Islands to the Great Barrier Island, where you can hire a car, go snorkelling or kayaking. For keen fishermen, a fishing charter might be just what you need. The flight is one hour each way which means you have 3 hours to play with while on the Island.

The day is yours!

The Cape Reinga Route

Flight Time : 2 Hours and 20 Minutes Approx

Cost of Tour: $335 per person
(minimum of two people)

This is a breath-taking tour of the North Cape of New Zealand.

Brilliantly designed for those who have limited time, this tour has quality and quantity at a competitive price. You will take in the amazing views of 90 Mile Beach, which is recognised as one of New Zealand's highways, then onto the amazing views of the North Cape.

The return journey takes you over the Houhora Harbour, Karikari Peninsula, Stevens Island and the stunning Cavalli Islands, before returning to base.


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